Design and Drawing

For the design part. I have collected all the inspirations for my art works and the drawings or the researches I have done for this project, and then I had think about 12 design works and draw the details of them. At first, I have draw the body, hands and shoes for the model. This part was the most difficult part for me as I was not have very good skill for drawing especially for making color. But I tried my best to do it even it took me a lot of time to do it again and again, when I got the finally drawings for design, I really love them! I had used the pencil, water color, markers and the black pen to draw the designs and also I have tired used the different type of thing mixed together for the drawing.



Today I have settled the exhibition place up at the downstairs studios. The real place was more small than I was thinking, so I felt a little disappointed. But, when I finished all the staffs done, at the moment, I felt really proud about all the works I have done. I only have one board that I need to put the photos board and my finally design work and the sketchbook in there. So I had put two metal waver lines together as the background and I was planning to hanging two metal lines in order to let my works showing on the wall. And I have used some tools and others help to put the background successful, and the second step was to put the photos board on the wall, and then I have made one hanging introduction card in order to let these guys know more things about me and this project if they have interested in about them that I used the white wool line and the metal waver and also to printed them out. For the last thing is I have put some baking sliver papers on the table and I also. ahem put some metal line on the floor and the most important thing is the studio’s floor is the green so I put some cotton on the floor so I can get the clean color about the floor. 

F/ Deconstruction

Do research to think about what theme I want to do first and found informations and photos to got inspiration. Deconstruction is the most theme for me as after the deeply research it, I have found a group number of collections from vogue or Instagram or other social medium. In this part, it have took me a lot of time as I want to show a high quilty photos to inspirit me. I have found the collections of comments des garçons and Maison. Even deconstruction is a wide word but I have still found the details as the study. The net step is to think one basis ways about how to put all the photos and writings together. What I have learnt today is every research is important to support the after works and in the daily life to gather the useful information also is very important. Marked the things on the note book, it hasn’t be many works just simple and helpful.

Making board.

Making board. Today I have made my fashion board that I need to choose some photos and writing some introduction about my ideas if the finally project topic.

And it is not easy for me as I really love all the photos I have taken for the finally so it need some time to finger out which photos are the best. After thinking about what photos suit for the board then I need to think about what size for them. After the measurement, I have chose three A3 and others for A4 size. At the beginning, I want higher quality photos as when I used the printer, the photos on the papers are more darker than real photos. So my tutor help us to find some professional photo papers, but it is still not working. I tried my best to show the best of these photos. And when I have done the photos board I really proud of it and I just can’t wait for tomorrow to set up the exhibition place.


The last project for me, what topic it is depends on myself, when I got the informations from my tutors, I felt so excited and interested in this project. I need to choose two topics to do the research and after the camparing, there have one topic will be my finally project content. The first idea is deconstruction, which is a quite fancy way to re-read the garments. When I was doing the previous projects, I got to known some brands and fashion designers to use this way to design their works, so I was planing to try it either. The second idea is lines, which is a wide topic but also is interesting and there have a lot of things can be do.I have almost one month to do this project, which have a quite a lot of time. In order to make these time in the best way, I made the timetable and also filled everyday in. At the start of this project, I planned almost one week to do the research of the line and deconstruction topics, which I have used the different type of information places, for instance, the I-d magazine, vogue magazine, Instagram, Pinterest, and also the real magazine and the books.

After the research and presentation of the deconstruction and lines, I decided to choose the lines as my finally project topic, so I have planed a few questions to myself, how to research lines, what kind of lines I want to express and how to link the research to my finally design work. When all the things are clearly, I started to continue my research work, I have taken some photos about lines in the studio and print them out, therefore I have drawn the lines use the marker pen in a different way. I found there have many different type of wool lines which are colour adult and soft, so I picked some of them and use them to make interesting art works. For example, I used the pink and purple wool to knit them in a sepical shapes, and I try to use the cycle and waver to knit. This process was helping to improve the hand making skills. At meantime, I did the research for two artist and three fashion brands.

The first artist is László Moholy-Nagy and there have a backs show name: “Future Present” from LACMA. I found many different type of lines in her works. Which these have inspiration me a lot and then I draw one and also I did one art work. The second artist I did for research is Bridget Riley And in her art works, it is not hard to find there have a group number of colours made for lines, for instance, the pink, green, blue and white, which have inspiration me to did the drawing. The first fashion brand I did for research is CRAIG GREEN and the ss18 collection, and the second one I have choose the Marithé + François Girbaud Spring 2010, the last one I have choose the Central Saint Martins BA Fashion 2015 James Mitchell,

James Mitchell took industrial fishermen’s workwear as the starting point for his collection, which mimicked the shapes of overalls and protective gear in softer, lighter fabrics which is very close to my idea lines.

At the first of the design. I was planning to design one knitted top but after I started to do it, it is more like a scarf or garment. It took me a lot of time to pick the materials and to compare them, and also there have one hard thing for me is to try to knit all the lines, it is my first time to do work like that so I look through many videos on the youtube and hardly to finish it.

The model I have found is a stranger I have ask him weather he has the interested in to be one day of model of my, and this boy said yes about it, in the end of the photos, even he is not the profession but it looks nice. About the styling and the make up, I had research a lot of different type of the photosphser and trying to find out what style I want to show in my photos, and the make up I have research the menswear brands collections which I have got the ideas from. in order to get the profession photos, I asked one person to help me get the best of photos. 

Even it is the last project to me, but to be honest I really love this project time, I did many researches from different type of website and went to the gallery and use the library at school.  I also have learned how to inspiration from different things in our daily life, therefore I have learned how to styling and how to pick model. When I have got the finally photos I felt so excited and proud of it.

Taking photos

The model I have found is one of my classmates as he has a sepical face. And I ask him weather he have the time to be my model. And the make up, as the menswear and not very special for the topic so no make up this time. For the styling, I have tried many different clothes to suit for him, in the end, the basis is the best. The place I chose to one bicycle storage which is quite dilapidated but really nice photos when I used it as the background.

But there have one thing is, both of the wall and floor are old, it looks not good in the photos so I have used some cotton as the floor to let the model to sand on. The model is not very tall, but I tried use some skills to let him shows more tall than real in photos, so when I was taking photos for him, I have to move from here to there and crouch. The light in the bicycle storage is not very bright so I have take my personal jacklight,and also use the flash in the Carmea. The finally photos I really lovvvve them!!! And I have used this experience to let me know I have so interested in this part!


After got the ideas about what garment I want make, so picking materials is a quiet hard things to think about. I have bought 5 different type of ropes from online and home base shop. I want to use these ropes to knit one top, it is so hard for me as I have no basis of the knit skill, so I research for how to knit one top on the YouTube, luckily I have found some interesting teachings which guided me to insparation my ideas. At the first, I cut the two different type of ropes individually in many pieces as the same length. The second part was found one straight line so I can knit the basis on this line. When I really start to do it, it is not easy honestly. However, when I got to know how to deal with it, I feel so excited and happy about what I was doing. In the end, I have made this garment successfully. I was planning to use this piece as one decoration.And put more attention on the styling part.

Primary research in London

I went to london for the primary research, which I have decided to one famous vintage shops that not only have one shop was to gathered many different typed of vintage shops for people to shop. So where I went to go was near the livepool station. I went one which a style is very good and I have bought something for research. The most impotent thing is to take more and more photos, when I was there I have to say there have so many fancy things. For my topic – lines, I went for many shops and finally to buy one deium skirt, one delium jacket, and two trousers. And also I have taken many other items’s photos. What I am planed before I went to the London’s vintage shop is to buy some garments and cut them in piece by piece but now I have consider I only to take photos to them and draw some pictures and do not cut them. I think every details of these clothes is so fancy and I do not want to break them.

June 20 Tuesday

When I was doing this part I feel so interested in about this work what I was doing is collect the different type of fobric in the fashion studio and the whole school which have a group number of details linked with the lines or the stripes. And therefore, use the fabrics find to make somethings and take the photos for the process and then to wirte something to expand the reason why chose it and why do it and why like them.

When I was look around the studio and the school even it will takes me a lot of time to watch and research but there has so doubt is this work acquire me many fancy ideas that I mark in the notebook and then show them in my finally works.

June 21 Wednesday

Before this finally project, when I started to doing some sewing works I always feel a little bit boring andun pleased. And that day I try to use the fabrics in the fashion studio to make a mini size of cotton as pick some similar colours thing. And then pick some soft lines use different colours to hand made something and stick them in the sketchbook. When I started to do the cotton fabric I open the sewing machine and then to put the cotton together which I put them together and sewing them together, which I have learned a lot form it as the practice skill. 

Lines Artest Bridget Riley 

Riley’s mature style, developed during the 1960s, was influenced by a number of sources.It was during this time that Riley began to paint the black and white works for which she is best known. They present a great variety of geometric forms that produce sensations of movement or colour. In the early 1960s, her works were said to induce sensation in viewers as varied as seasick and sky diving. From 1961 to 1964 she worked with the contrast of black and white, occasionally introducing tonal scales of grey. (Women Artists in the 20th and 21st Century, By Uta Grosenick, Ilka Becker, Bridget Riley p.450-455. retrieved December 31, 2008) Here I pick one famous art work form this artist- Elongated  Triangles 5 in 1971, which made by screen print papers( 965* 279mm).In this art work, it is not hard to find there have a group number of colours made for lines, for instance, the pink, green, blue and white, which three of one group and two close and two far away. In the most of her works, the blue and white and grey is the main topic, but in this work is colourful and interesting straight lines gather together.  Compared with architecture, fashion garments or industry, this work is more kind like graphic, illustrate. This type of lines has been widely cited in textile printing and materials makes. Fo me, what I can pick as the idea for the final project is to transform form two dimensions to stereoscopic, furthermore, to draw a lines art work as the basis and then to transform this work to stand on the clothes or garments

Street Style Mood Board

I did the street style mood board use photoshop and others, which I research many photos form different type of website, for example, instrgram, I-d magazine, vogue magazine, Weibo, and others. This work takes me more than three hours but when I finished it, it is more clearly to help me to see the lines of the clothes form the fashion bloggers, here is some fancy details I find in  this mood borad. The first is they use the metal lines as the decorations, which for the belt or the rings or even just to make it more fashionable. The second one is their clothes always shows some fancy lines inside which made by different type of the materials. I picked many menswear street style in this mood board so it is more easy to link with m final works.