The drawings for lips and eyes

After I have chose my body part as for project, I start to draw. And this time needs 8 drawings for project.

So first I want to draw the whole face and to make the lips stand out so I use the pencil for the basics and then using water colour to make the pink on it. The final pink I really like it so I made a decision is to make all my collection this time more pink pink pink.

And the second painting is to draw 10 different types of lips for example, the full lips and close lips or the opened lips they all shows a charming shapes and ways. So as basic using pencil and then using the watercolor to make the colour into it and then making notes to explain what ways they are.


This new project have to chose one part of your body and use it to the primary works and I chose the eyes and lips for my project.

The first part I was thinking is bra but other girls chose it too so I changed it but after I deep into it I found this part is also interesting.

What I have learned today is to have eyes for the natural, basic things form our daily life. Even is the most normal thing it still have many details need us to find it out.

Pop art

Franca Sozzani
Why her?

She leads the《VOGUE》Italy for 28years.


A: 50 years ago, Andy Warhol said:Anyone can take a good picture.Anybody can take a picture’  As a leader of arts, in my opinion, he foresee the successful of the social media nowadays like Instagram, Facebook, we chat, the reason why I said that is people whatever about their jobs, ages, even is the gender, they like to show their life and what they see In a online media, the deep think of that is at present the love or could say is crazy for the taking photos using their own way, have their own style.

Also I think another thing he try to communicate with us is everyone could be a Artest. Simimer with —————-We could be heros, just for one day. 

-David Bowie.

B: No one could truly understand why he repeat the same image over and over again expect himself, no why it is his style.

C: Of course! This kind of style of art named of his!

D:yes. I agree. 

When you check Andy Warhol’s name I the Google or Baidu, you will find all the pages online shows his famous work like Campbell’s soup cans. This is the successful way of one Artest.

The collection of second war museum

” Men and women dance the conga around a bonfire in East Action.”

The one-piece dress and colourful leather shoes、vintage buckle shows the body but suit the period of their time.

The boatswain top is popular by Chanel.

Two British sailors and their girlfriends wade in the fountains in Traflgar square.

This museum whole style is like menswear and is for metal and you can see the sharp edge of this air craft.

This kind of new materials have been used in the clothes is normal and shows a cool and new spirt.

All the photos from the online.

Victoria and Albert Museum.+

” The Victoria And Albert Museum is the world’s greatest museum of art and design.”

The whole page  of this drawing is colourful which use a number of cADMIUM RED DEEP, SCARLET PYRROL, MAROON PERYLENE, BISMUTH YELLOW, these colour mixed together shows a peaceful and vilid place. This parting seems more pay attain to the religion and belief while the blow of this parting the details of using lines and shapes is so charming. From the architectures and elephant and even is the body looks like the real and lively. What i like this paring best is the well done control of different type of colours. These cute and younger colour using in the fashion part will be creative many new things.



It is stoneware with white slip and glazed.

In this period a number of art works shows a fancy edge and using material i love the shapes and I will put this material in my latter works. One amazing of the work shop is they are strong and power which means that they will shows different things that the cloth can not given.



When the fist time i pay attention to this suit the two sharp bra attract me. There have three part i’d like to mention, first is using of material seems like the pashm and knit shows a soft, warm wearing which is the best way to show in the beach trouser suit and the second part is the broadside red lines, it is a embellish in a simple colour, nice design. The third part is back’s cross connection which sows the sexy part in a women’s body also it is very suit for summer’s beach.


At the begging of project,I went to supermarket to observed different types of fruits, by contrast, I chose to use a pineapple to my original research as in this year the green will be popular from the report and also the shapes of pineapple shows a number of fascinating places. After I chose it I was wondering how to find the beauty place which hided in the details, and how to make them occur in my works, so I tried to unblind different parts of this fruits, for instance, I cut the leaves of the above which by my hand and putted them together using flashing light to survey the tiny fur of the edges. also, I observe  d the surface of the pineapple which have a sharp edges and gradual changed of colors, then I tried to use pencil, watercolors, oil color, also have inks to drawing the details.The second part is the droppings which is a interesting place for me when I was doing that, what I want to express is the shapes and the sprits which you can see it in my finally work, I have finished 14 different works and taking photos and also prink them out, then I tied using 6 different types of materials to drawing them that it is the most differecult part for me but this project I tried to enjoy it and I’d like to say compared with other girls in the class they may study professional drawing and for me, I without any art basics, before I have started this project I didn’t have study it.

I am a freshman in this part if the standard is the high level of drawing so I have tried my best to do this part while still without any encourage and accept, I am also very disappointed.

About the customers report, it is my favorite part, that means I did it by my best ways.

The time I was occurred new ideas and make it that I clearly know what I want to do in this project is womenswear. So I made it, I finished my final design before others girls 5 days, no reason, without taking to much, without the lunch time and do it hard. Even it is only a gallus and it costs me many time for the start to pick two different type of the cloths and a little bit finish the details of this clothes.

About final photos, I helped one girls taking photos on school toilet. I photo it in my apartment that I have write the detail process in every place. Also, I finished my evaluation on time.

In end, whatever what level I got from others, I believe my works and my designs is the best, always and forever. I am proud of it.

Review 2016 Artist




*Paulo Monteiro

Brazilian b. 1961





*Allison Katz

“Painting is a conversation。”


*Lauren Gault

Visual artist , born Belfast 1986


*Pink Patch/ 朱帆

b.1981 Shanghai



When I was doing my designs and one skill I used it most is sewing. Everyone knows that machine is not very easy to control escaslly if you want to deal with a well done edge of the cloth.

What I have learnt from that is when you was using a machine you need very careful about your actions and body. And following the tutors guidance in order to make sure safe.

Another thing I have learnt is be patience to do your work, to be honest , I am not a person who really have patience, but when I was doing my sewing works I have to clam myself so my cloth will be good.

The final photos

When I chose to took my final photos at home it means that I could acted it randomly

First time I wear it, a little shy but when I tell myself it is my design, I feel super comfortable. I design it for showing women’s body, even I know I am not have a good body and even fat but so what? Never feel so good when you realize how charming you are, that is be confident for yourself. I hope one day every cool girls wearing my design and loving their body from heart and soul.

What I could learned form that is be creative : )


This time the project is about white fobric and one fruit so I choose a pineapple as the special shapes surface and different type of colours from yellow and green. After I start to deal with the pineapple, I cut a piece of edge of leafs and also cut the inside part of pineapple that is super juice and sweet. And then I use the watercolor, pencil, ink, oil colour to draw the details of the sides of pineapple which it is a little hard for me in the start but I really enjoy it .  The belt of pineapple’s shapes I use it in my final design it is a cute fobric. Last project, my drawing is simple, so this time I try use colour material to show it.

And the second part is I do research online to find two brand which are have a connection with my fruit, so I choose Marin 2017 spring and summer collection and Faustine Steinmetz

2017 denim collection. In end, I decide to use Faustine Steinmetz to deep study it, and I check many online informations for the brand background and the designer and the customers, music and style. To be honest, to study it is my favorite part and I really enjoy it.

Also, I use the basic cotton cloth to make different shapes and glue them in my setchbook.

I was planing to do one simple sling while when I started to do it I find everything is not very easy, for instance, I need to control the size of the cloth and to make one basics on cotton cloth which use sewing machine to do the edges. The sewing machine is a machine which means that it is hard to control and hard to make the perfect so many places I sewing it by hand. Even it costs my most part of time, but I am learning so enjoy it. And in order to creative a tiny and smooth fluey that I have to cut plenty of pieces cloth and sewing them on the cloth.
Turn to the final photos, I think of 3 places suit for taking it, one is the park which have a small open-air flower garden. Another is one hides street near by the shopping center where I was living so I know it is suit. Last one, in my apartment balcony which I choose it to my final photos. About model, I decide to be myself, as it is your design you can control it. About the make up, I only do a lips. First time I wear it, a little shy but when I tell myself it is my design, I feel super comfortable. I design it for showing women’s body, even I know I am not have a good body and even fat but so what? Never feel so good when you realize how charming you are, that is be confident for yourself. I hope one day every cool girls wearing my design and loving their body from heart and soul.