////////////Lines are everywhere in the life, when I decided to choose this one for my project ideas. So I looked around I found there have many lines in the studios,  there have many different type of lines, for example, metal, cotton, and others. Also, I took  many photos for them. They are also is the primary research and what I have decided to do is to find more real materials which have connected the lines whatever it is and then put them on one pages of my sketchbook. What I have learned for it is the inspiration is form the daily life, I have never thought I will do the topic of lines, and the metal lines for one collection. But I did it and I have found there have so many interesting details I can do.

Primary research in London

I went to london for the primary research, which I have decided to one famous vintage shops that not only have one shop was to gathered many different typed of vintage shops for people to shop. So where I went to go was near the livepool station. I went one which a style is very good and I have bought something for research. The most impotent thing is to take more and more photos, when I was there I have to say there have so many fancy things. For my topic – lines, I went for many shops and finally to buy one deium skirt, one delium jacket, and two trousers. And also I have taken many other items’s photos. What I am planed before I went to the London’s vintage shop is to buy some garments and cut them in piece by piece but now I have consider I only to take photos to them and draw some pictures and do not cut them. I think every details of these clothes is so fancy and I do not want to break them.

C&CS 3 sources

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I have do the research about ACW A-COLD-WALL* which is a street brand from London, “A sartorial response to London street culture and the zeitgeist of Britain’s working class, Samuel Ross launched A-Cold-Wall* in the fall of 2015 to reflect hegemonic disparities and youth expression in contemporary fashion. The directional aesthetic of Ross’ men’s ready-to-wear line is informed by his studies in both graphic design and illustration, and creative work alongside Off-White’s Virgil Abloh. His distinctly multidisciplinary vision is present in handcrafted graphic t-shirts and reversible French terry hoodies. Pairing logo-printed pullovers, lounge pants, and hooded jackets, A-Cold-Wall* is the curated product of unconventional tailoring and streamlined design.”The reason why I do the research about this brand is I want to do the menswear of the final project and it have a street look style it means how to thin about my style and how to make the label also is important for a new brand and here have another reason is I am interested in the fashion promotion t will be very helpful if I do enough research for the fashion brands.


Lines also is a wide word but I am always get some ideas form it. If I choice this theme I will do one collection for menswear as different kind of lines will show a straight style of look ook and street style. For lines, it always be shown in every collection whatever menswear or womenswear but it not be a key word for every time it is hard to find the all collection’s theme is lines. But I still find out some designs link it. And also there have different type of lines  . What I have learned form it is form the basis I can learn a lot and find the things to inspiration me. And all these things is need to gather to collat.

Basis learning’

Another step is to do more research to think about the second theme I would like to do as the final works. I have checked the I-d magazine and maze magazine in order to found some ides and interesting things to inspiration to me. Everything is not very easy escaplly there have too many magazines for me to choice and it is hard to find what is the suit resource for me, even it took me many time but luckily I found what I need in end. What I have learned from that is collect the useful information together in order to get it when you want to use it.

Work day.

Do research to think about what theme I want to do first and found informations and photos to got inspiration. Deconstruction is the most theme for me as after the deeply research it, I have found a group number of collections from vogue or Instagram or other social medium. In this part, it have took me a lot of time as I want to show a high quilty photos to inspirit me. I have found the collections of comments des garçons and Maison. Even deconstruction is a wide word but I have still found the details as the study. The net step is to think one basis ways about how to put all the photos and writings together. What I have learnt today is every research is important to support the after works and in the daily life to gather the useful information also is very important. Marked the things on the note book, it hasn’t be many works just simple and helpful.


I have made my story broad and which i think it will think inspiration me a lot. And I have consideration the house I have rent and I really love the decoration in that house so I want to use some details to show the slowly movement and the shapes of this clothes.The first acton is sunshine iced glasses and behind it there also have some books. The second action is this girl eating a pink strawberry and it will have a special lens. The third action is this girl lay down on the sofa bed and reading books which it will contain 5-7 seconds. Then, to cut some fresh fruits and shows a juicy movement.